The Work We Do

As the Advertising Self-Regulatory Board the television, press (newspaper and magazine), cinema, internet, outdoor advertising or the direct marketing activites are in our remit. We evaluate these marketing communication activites whether they are misleading or not in the scope of the International Code of Advertising Practice and local legislation.

Primarily the compliants sent (as mail, e-mail, via online application form, fax etc.) is decided whether it is in our remit and is covered by International Code of Advertising Practice.

The complaints are evaluated after taking the advertiser’s and/or advertising agencies’ opinion if needed. In the event that advertisements are clearly in violation of the Principles, The Advertising Self-Regulatory Board constitutes advisory decisions which request to amend or withdraw the advertisement. The advisory decisions are primarily shared with the advertiser and/or advertising agency and it is expected to amend or withdraw the advertisement in 2 business days., If the advertisement is not amended or withdrawn, the media is notified about advisory decision of the Board and asked not to broadcast/publish the advertisements. The Board does not have any other sanctions.

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The complaints done in writing are evaluated in 15 days –may vary according to the evaluation process of the complaint- and shared with the applicant in writing.

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