Complaint Form

1. Primarily please check if your compliant is covered by RÖK. Any marketing communication activity published/boradcasted on TV, press (newspaper/magazine), radio, cinema, outdoor, internet (social media platforms, marketers own website etc.) is in our remit.

2. If you think your complaint is covered by RÖK, you can submit your complaint by our online complaint form, by email or mail.

3. The personal information of the complainants are confidential. If the complainant has an issue like to unsubscribe from an email list etc., the consent of complainant is taken in order to share the personal information with the opposing party. Sharing this consent with application will fasten the process.

4. RÖK requests the ammendment or the withdrawn of advertisements from the advertiser and/or advertising agency that they find to be in violation of the International Code of Advertising Practice. This service carried out by the Advertising Self-Regulatory is on advisory basis.

5. Here you can find the guidance on processing of personal data.

Complaint Form

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If you want to submit your ad complaint via email:
A qualified copy of an advertisement helps for faster evalualion process. Unqualified copies take more time by reason of we search for the qualified copy. Even the smallest copy in the ad should be read clearly.

We are only able to accept ad copies in the following formats: JPEG (or JPG) image files- GIF image files- PNG image files- TIFF image files - BMP bitmap image files - Word files - PDF files - WAV - MP3 - MPG - WMA - WMV - AVI

If your complaint is about marketing communication emails, the “from” field, “to” field and the “subject” field should be clear in the email. If you have the quality copy mentioned above please submit to us by checking the box. You can also submit us the link.
Cross-border complaints
A cross-border complaint is a complaint made by an individual or an organisation in one country about an advertisement carried in media circulating in that country but published in another country. The complaints about this kind of advertisements are handled as cross-border complaint. RÖK passes the cross-border complaint on to the appropriate EASA member Self-Regulatory Organization in the country of origin for investigation, along with all relevant details pertaining to the complaint.

RÖK is a member of EASA (European Advertising Alliance Standards) since 1996. For more information see  The Working Principles of the Advertising Self-Regulation Board