Complaint Procedure and Conditions

The Executive Committee meets every second and fourth week of the month. Advertising Self-Regulatory Board meets every first and third week of the month with the participation of at least 10 members.

The complaints shall be made in writing. The complaints shall be sent at latest till Wednesdays at 16:00 hours in order to be evaluated in the first following meeting. The articles of the principles that have been violated shall be clearly indicated and a  copy of the advertisement (photograph, CD etc) will be attached to the application.

In the event that an advertisement is regarded to be violating the Principles, a written opinion is requested from the advertiser and the advertising agency -if there is any- latest within two working days.

In the event that the written opinion and/or the support documents are sent after the due time (Friday, 18:00), those documents are not taken into consideration in the process of evaluation. The Board/Committee constitutes its advisory decision without taking the opinion of the opposing party.

In the event that advertisements are clearly in violation of the Principles and need to be  withdrawn immediately, a decision may be constituted without getting the opinion of the advertiser.

Appeals against the decisions can be made to Advertising Self-Regulatory Board. The  appeals shall be sent at latest Friday before the meeting day till 18:00. The decisions of Advertising Self-Regulatory Board is definite. The appeals against this decision will not be evaluated unless the applicant sent new documents.

For more information see The Working Principles of the Advertising Self-Regulation Board