Copy Advice Service

RÖK ensures copy advice service depending on a request by an advertiser, advertising agency or a media.
The provision of copy advice normally takes 2 working days. (Please also note that we have the flexibility- depending on our workload- to provide response shorter than 2 days if the advice is being requested on urgency basis).
The copy advice service is given by RÖK secreteriat is composed of two rapporteurs and a legal counsel. If not especially demanded from the Board which is an option for the clients, the copy advice is provided by the secretariat of RÖK. But if it is especially demanded to be evalauted by the Executive Board, then we shall wait for the Executive Board meeting day, which is on Tuesdays twice in a month.
RÖK renders copy advice for its clients for only advice basis which is not binding for the Statutory Authorities and also not binding legally, it does not inhibit RÖK from considering a subsequent complaint.